My Wife and Son

My wife and I are expecting our first child.

Our very first.

Meaning besides what we have heard from others, read in books or watched on YouTube, we really have no idea what we are really getting ourselves into. Don’t get me wrong, Andrea does have experience with changing poopy diapers (shout out to my nephew) but in actuality we have a house full of vacant baby items for our son with no real idea as to how to use them or how any of this is going to work when he gets here.

And we are okay with that.

What did we expect? To read a book, take some classes and watch some videos on the internet and be instant professional parents? Truth is what is exciting about this next chapter in our lives is the uncertainty. So much of our relationship has been planned and mapped out. From weekends, our date nights to our vacations, spontaneous or not, always have some type of structure to them. This newly anticipated uncertainty is exciting.

For the first time in our relationship it’s not about us. It’s not about which bar or brewery we want to go to, which party we want to attend, which vacation spot we want to travel to - It will no longer be about us. If you’re already a seasoned parent reading this you’re probably thinking “duh”. I didn’t have that instant clarity.

I found out Andrea was pregnant February 24th, of this year. My initial thought was “oh my God we are going to be parents, I am so excited!” Having absolutely no clue what we were really in for. I went on with my year, helping Andrea with morning sickness pep talks, lending a hand where I could be helpful but never really imagined the change that was slowly taking place.

Obviously one of the first things that changed in our lives was night life and going out the same way we used to. Fine, no big deal. She had her first ultrasound and we could see his little heart flicker on the screen, it was wild. Andrea continued running, we would sometimes run together as we do and everything seemed about the same minus a few things. As the year went on she started to show and it started becoming more real. Still it didn’t actually sink in that we were about to have our lives rocked by this little monster in her belly.

Something happened to me during this time, I started noticing little changes in my life and personality that just happened subliminally. I started to care less and less about which kind of sneakers I had on my feet, which kind of clothes I was wearing, which movie I wanted to watch next or which book I wanted to read. I started caring lesser and lesser about these “non-important” things I used to place so much emphasis on and I realized that I’m here on this earth for somebody else’s life now - my son’s.

Andrea and I decided to go up to Traverse City for our Baby Moon/quick maternity shoot. Traverse City is near to our hearts. We have spent much time there doing all the things that we like to do like exploring the peninsulas, hitting up all the wineries, breweries and restaurants. This time it was definitely less breweries.

Oh and we took our dog Miggy too.