“Where’d you go?”

I guess the whole point of the website was to showcase some of my photos in high resolution - full crop in hopes I could sell some pieces or get hired for freelance work.

Both of those came into fruition.

But I dropped off somewhere along the way.

First off why did I get start taking photos seriously in the first place? Why did I decide to choose this medium as a way of artistic expression?

Short answer: nobody could tell me what I could or couldn’t photograph. I had 100% full control of what I shot and edited. Freedom to do whatever it was I wanted to do that fulfilled a desire inside of me.

Since the inception of my photography journey, somewhere around 2013, I’ve shot numerous candid street photos, landscapes, events, weddings, portraits and have made it in a few magazines (street dreams magazine was definitely a dream) I’ve been chased by security, yelled at, threatened and complimented and I absolutely loved it. But somewhere along the line felt uninspired to do any of it anymore.

The problem I had with photography wasn’t that I didn’t have the right gear or that I wasn’t generating enough “likes” on social media. It wasn’t that I stopped shooting and fell out of love with my passion. My issue was that I started working myself into a creative box not allowing myself to work outside it, thus no regard to break my comfort zone. I became absolutely obsessed with my photographs - only allowing myself to shoot in the city, certain times of the day, certain color palettes, etc that I worked myself into a confined space and slowly realized It was burning me out over the years.

Why did I do this to myself? How many opportunities did I waste during this time?

Doesn’t matter anymore. Like the Detroit Red Wings it’s time for a rebuild.


FREESTATE to me is a new way for me to re align myself as a photographer, business professional and husband. The method of doing whatever it is I felt in my heart with absolutely no regard for negative criticism from the outside. All the things I’ve wanted to  photograph, write, speak, business projects I’ve wants to startup - none  should be hindered by outside criticism. A completely positive way of thinking that hopefully can spread outward to anyone reading this. 

Going forward consider this website a photography / idea sharing / (in)coherent ancetdotes / opinions site

freestate of mind