Exploring Terrain and Music

I was able to shoot with a person who is near and dear to me, my brother Alex. Alex has been a musician for years and is on a persistent pursuit to evolve creatively in his craft. Like photographers, musicians strive to portray their artwork as perceived from the mind who created it. Being able to articulate what flows from the mind to the ears is what sets artists apart from musicians. Alex has always found inspiration in music since he was a child. Picking up his first guitar at the age of 10, Alex has grown over the years interjecting his own style into music.

Alex is also the owner of a Metro Detroit based organic jewelry business, ADH Organics. He creates custom plugs, dread beads and other jewelery out of exotic and rare wood from all over the world. I am very fortunate to call Alex my brother, and was very pleased with how his shoot turned out. We set off into the woods in rural Michigan with no plans other than to find new spots and collaborate a photographer with a musician.